Important dates

Application: 8th March 2010
Notification: 15th March 2010
Grant Support Submission: 22th March 2010
Grant Notice: 29th March 2010
School: 3rd to 7th May 2010



  Global constraints 1 (pdf file)

  Soft constraints 1 (pdf file)

  Advanced consistency techniques (pdf file)

  Modeling (pdf file)

  Advanced search techniques (pdf file)

  Symmetry (pdf file)

  CBLS (pdf file)

  Case study (pdf file)

  Hybrid Solvers (zip file)

  CP and ACO (pdf file)


  Practicals 1: Introduction (zip file)

  Practicals 2: Propagation (zip file)

  Practicals 3: Search (zip file)

  Practicals 4: Modeling (zip file)

  Practicals 5: CBLS (zip file)

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