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The LS(Graph) library

The LS(Graph) is a library developed on top of the Comet programming language for modeling and solving Constrained Optimum Trees and Constrained Optimum Paths problems on graphs by local search.

LS(Graph) is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 and is downloadable below LS(Graph). To install it, download the file and extract it. This creates the LS(Graph) directory which contains all classes of the LS(Graph) and model examples. For executing it, you need to install Comet version 2.1.1 which is available from Dynadec.

Some instances experimented can be found at edge-disjoint paths problem data set, quorumcast routing problem data set, routing and wavelength assignment with delay side constraint problem data set, and routing for network covering problem data set.

If you have questions, comments, feedbacks or bug report, please send email to .