CP(Map) Documentation

This is the documentation of CP(Map) and CP(Map+Graph).

As described in [1], Map variables and constraints for approximate graph matching are implemented. The later constraints are implemented on top of CP(Map) and CP(Graph).

Please refer to [1] and [2] for extensive description of this framework.

List and index content

The following lists and indices are available :

References :

[1] Y. Deville, G. Dooms, S. Zampelli and P. Dupont, CP(Graph+Map) for Approximate Graph Matching, 1st International Workshop on Constraint Programming Beyond Finite Integer Domains, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, October 1, pp. 31-47, 2005.

[2] S. Zampelli, Y. Deville and P. Dupont, Declarative Approximate Graph Matching Using a Constraint Approach, Second International Workshop on Constraint Propagation and Implementation, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, October 1, Vol. 1, pp. 109-124, 2005.