PathHeurBoundsG< GView > Struct Template Reference
[Examples/TestsProgramming search heuristics for graph problems.]

Inherits Gecode::Graph::BoundsGraphs< GView >< GView >.

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template<class GView>
struct PathHeurBoundsG< GView >

GraphBounds class used for branching on a constrained path problem.

The heuristic is adapted from: Sparse heuristic from Pesant G, Gengreau M, Potvin J-Y and Rousseau J-M, "An Exact Constraint Logic Programming Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows", Transportation Science 32, 12-29 (1998). page 17. CPGraphSimplePathHeur2var

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Public Types

typedef GBD GraphBD

Public Member Functions

 PathHeurBoundsG (GView &g)
 The real branch method.
pair< bool, GBD * > branch (Branching *b)
void pesant_et_al ()
 as an example here is the code for the original heuristic (for outneighbours)

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class GView>
typedef GBD PathHeurBoundsG< GView >::GraphBD

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class GView>
PathHeurBoundsG< GView >::PathHeurBoundsG GView &  g  )  [inline]

The real branch method.

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Member Function Documentation

template<class GView>
pair<bool,GBD*> PathHeurBoundsG< GView >::branch Branching b  )  [inline]

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template<class GView>
void PathHeurBoundsG< GView >::pesant_et_al  )  [inline]

as an example here is the code for the original heuristic (for outneighbours)

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