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Alternative Job-Shop Scheduling For Proton Therapy

TitleAlternative Job-Shop Scheduling For Proton Therapy
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2013
AuthorsDejemeppe, Cyrille
EditorDeville, Yves
Conference NameCP2013
Conference LocationUppsala, Sweden

Proton Therapy (PT) is a recent radiotherapy technique in which a beam of protons is used to irradiate tumors. The schedule of daily patient treat- ments in a PT center is a hard problem since it has offline and online components and attempts to optimize several non-trivial objectives. To date, no computer tool allows to optimize the daily schedule of patients inside a PT center. The problem contains several research challenges: new scheduling objective functions, mul- tiobjective scheduling optimization and online/adaptive scheduling are three of them. In this paper, we propose a scheduling model for the PT scheduling prob- lem and we describe our envisioned approach to generate optimized schedules.

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