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The Aeon Library

Aeon is a library for the Comet Programming language aimed at simplifying the expression and resolution of scheduling problems.

Aeon is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 and is downloadable below. The archive contains the Aeon library and its documentation. To install it, download the file and extract the archive anywhere you like. The code is in the “aeon” directory, the documentation lies in the “doc” directory (you can open “index.html”). You will need Comet v2.1.1 to run it. Comet is available from Dynadec.

Aeon has been developed by Jean-Noël Monette during his Ph.D. at Université catholique de Louvain. This is the prototype presenting the ideas of his thesis. More information on Aeon and the underlying research can be found in the text of the thesis (pdf,1.6MB) or in the papers. Any feedback is welcome by sending an e-mail to jean-noel.monette[@t] (change the “[@t]” by just “@”).

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